Sanction Studios provides you engaging, unforgettable experiences. Our interactive simulations products promote long term memory retention and promote practical experience through “learning by doing”.


Impress your client. Enlighten your workforce. Whether it’s an overall vision; or an
abstract methodology, concept or product — Sanction Studios can help you share
your vision clearly and effectively. By combining stunning visuals with effective
narration, our visualization products provide an immediate impact on your ability to
effectively tell your story.

Digital Dashboards

Make your workers ‘Independent Agents.’ Sanction Studios provides mobile solutions
for clients whose workspace extends beyond the walls of their office. We can quickly
integrate your work processes and data sets with a mobile platform, freeing your
workforce to work on location and mitigating the time spent back at the office
reporting on it

Virtual Training

Take them to another world. Sanction Studios can virtually furnish you with any immersive interactive experience (I2E) you need. These immersive interactive experiences are particularly good for conveying spatial relationships and micro-geography, or simplifying instruction on a particular piece of hardware, system or job-task. These products produce engaging experiences that promote long term memory retention and are ideal for individual instruction.

Serious Games

See your solution through a different lens. Be immersed into environments that are familiar and relevant. Whether it is a first person shooter, real time strategy, role player or any other computer-based gaming-genres out there, our Game Based Solutions (GBS) can create an individual or multiplayer experience to meet your needs. Leveraging technologies, artistry and processes enjoyed by millions of people annually, your GBS environment can come to life to meet strategic, visualization, familiarization, education, training or other requirements.