Dashboard Application and Trainer

A user-focused, Mobile Workspace (MW) and Immersive Interactive Experience (I2E) toolset for inventory, maintenance and training. This capability will simplify technician workflows and minimize the time spent to record each technical task, mitigating program cost and improving return on investment.

Online Security Awareness Training

An innovative, on-line security awareness training program for medium and large companies and the Federal Government. The training is SCORM compliant and backed-up by a custom Learning Management System or can plug into an existing Learning Management System. We worked closely with our customer to provide programming support related to feature and content creation.

NCAA Compliance Trainer

A Game Based Solution (GBS) to help Universities and Colleges better understand and train an evermore complicated set of NCAA Rules and By-laws. Focused on the Coaching Staff, Student Athletes and Alumni, this GBS trainer will immerse each user into everyday situations taken straight from the headlines of the Sports Pages and guide them through a series of issues that will help them make the right decision.